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How to choose a wedding photographer

Hello future brides and grooms ( B/G ). This is my first blog, so forgive me if it's not that great. OK, how to choose your wedding photographer?

First thing is to know your budget. There's no point in searching beyond your means. Although some B/G's don't care, they just think more money gets them better photography. Not always true.

Next, I suggest knowing the style of photography you like. If you're a couple who really doesn't like posed and structured photos, then you need a photographer who knows how to capture candid and spontaneous moments. So, choose the photographer whose photographic style matches yours.

Lastly, choose the photographer whose personality works best with yours. In other words, meet the photographer and make sure you two can get along with them. Hey, this is your big day, so, you need to be certain your vendor(s) understand that and are willing to do all they can to please the two of you. I've only encountered two bridezilla's in my 35+ years of wedding photography. Nonetheless, I had to deal with them. I recognized it's their day and like it or not I had to remain professional.

Well, I hope this has been helpful. Please share your comments with me; good or bad. Feel free to call me at 908-875-1072 with any questions.

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